Emotion Regulation Helps #3

Emotion Regulation Tips #'s 3 and 4! See previous posts for #'s 1 and 2...

Deep Breaths: Helpful self-talk and deep breaths are my two FAVORITE calm down tools because fortunately we always have our brains and our lungs with us and can use them any time! The other day in a kindergarten class students shared all of the many ways they use deep breaths to keep their brains and bodies calm so they can be problem solvers. Some mentioned using deep breaths when they are having sibling or peer conflicts, when a grown up says “no” to something they really want, etc. When kids (and adults) develop a core practice of taking deep breaths during stressful times and outside of stressful times, they strengthen neural pathways that help them respond wisely in those moments instead of reacting in ways that are harmful to relationships and ourselves.

Self-Talk: We discuss self-talk all the time at Echo Lake! We can have helpful self-talk like "That's too bad they won't play with me, I'll go find someone else to play with", "This is hard, but I can keep at it" or "I can stay calm." OR we can have very harmful self-talk such as "I'm stupid", "No one likes me" and "I'll never be good enough". Each human has the super power to decide what we think and how we talk to ourselves! Some of us don't even realize how much negativity is floating around in our minds. As soon as we notice the unhelpful self-talk we can interrupt the conversation and switch it to something more healthy. We have a lot of choice when it comes to our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves!