Got Tricky Life Stuff Happening? This Can Help...

We’ve had a rocky few months in our family. Lots of change. Lots of discomfort. Definitely overwhelm. But I gotta say, the things we’ve experienced lately would have derailed us even 6 months to a year ago and by derailed I mean cranky, exhausted, fighting, yelling, anxiety, depression, you name it and we could have had it in DROVES. Instead we experienced those things very little because we’ve (my husband & kids) built up our resilience and that made all the difference.

Human beings are pretty amazing. Some of us can experience awful things and still have the ability to live a beautiful, fulfilling life. How is that even possible? The key is working to build our resilience or the ability to bounce back after difficult life experiences. Notice I said BUILD resilience - yes! Resilience is something that can be developed and strengthened over time.

Research shows there are two major factors that influence our level of resilience - How we THINK about our life experiences and WHO we surround ourselves with. First, the narratives (part of our brain wiring) we have playing over and over again can either be really helpful in building resilience or can prevent us from having any at all! Think back to your most recent negative experience - how did you interpret that experience? What words did you use to describe it?

Second, the people we have in our close circles greatly influence our ability to cope during difficult times. Is your social safety net full of optimists who help you make the most out of life? Or Negative Nellies that center the conversation around complaining or talking about others? Consider where you can shore up your resilience by checking in with your thoughts and who your besties are. It can be a matter life and death! Research shows these two things can not only positively or negatively affect our mental health, but our physical health too!

If resilience is something you need more of, check out my digital course called SHIFT: How To Rewire Your Brain for Healing, Growth & Connection. Click through the link to learn more about how you can begin the process of questioning the brain wiring that prevents you from fully showing up in life and in your relationships and learn how to create new wiring that helps you create healthier, more authentic connection with yourself and others AND step into the life you are meant to live. If you’d like to get my blog posts dropped directly into your inbox, sign up for my monthly newsletter! As a bonus for signing up, you will get special discounts on my courses and other products

What are YOUR resilience factors? What are the things that buffer you from tricky life stuff?