Emotional Rollercoaster

Summer is in full swing! Seattle is stunning this time of year and we almost never leave for vacations because the weather is what we live for during the rest of the year. If you’ve ever considered visiting Seattle, July, August and September are beautiful months to do it!

So many things are moving and grooving around here. I’ve left my secure school counseling job (!) and am transitioning to more consulting work and education gigs, along with continuing to see my amazing clients. I’ve had some uncomfortable feelings come up and I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions since May. Fear and anxiety are regular visitors (I have to pay for my own insurance, yikes!) coupled with elation and a feeling of FREEDOM that my soul needs.Years ago the highs and the lows of the rollercoaster looked and felt like one of those rickety, wooden rollercoasters that scare the hell out of me because they toss you all over the place and leave you with a major kink in your neck.

Since I cultivated awareness of the power I have to manage my thoughts, feelings and behavior AND invested time, effort and energy (money) into building the skills to take action on my newfound awareness, my emotional dips are more like the little ones on the kiddie coasters. Pretty easy to navigate and I’m not on the ride for too long. I’m learning (because yay for lifelong curiosity!) more and more how to stay in my feel good zone by practicing the following tools:

  1. Writing down why I’m feeling good

  2. Practicing gratitude at least once a day

  3. Using my Feel Good Plan

  4. Spending time creating new narratives when old ones are taking up too much mental space - I write them down, record the new stories/affirmations in my voice memos app and play them throughout the day

It IS possible to handle tricky life stuff AND adapt, bounce back and feel mostly good. I promise! If you would like more help with developing and practicing these skills consider my course SHIFT: How To Rewire Your Brain For Healing, Growth & Connection.