SHIFT: 5 Must-Have Tools In Your Parenting Toolbox

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SHIFT: 5 Must-Have Tools In Your Parenting Toolbox


Parenting is the hardest job in the world and as a parent of 4 kids, therapist, Positive Discipline Parent Educator and former elementary school counselor I’ve learned some great hacks that can make it much easier for you. From the comfort of your own home (no babysitters needed!) you will learn tried and true strategies to set healthy boundaries, coach your kids through big emotions, understand behavior and feelings, talk with instead of at your kids and provide consequences that teach skills your kids can use their whole life. Teeny, tiny shifts in these areas of your parenting pay off massively over time!

Here’s what’s included in the course:

  • Four classes (40-60 minutes in length)

  • A workbook

  • One purchase per household so if you have a parenting partner, you can go through the class together and provide a unified front for your kids

  • Valued at over $700

    Are you ready for the SHIFT?

    Note: Please have integrity when purchasing the course and don’t share the course password and links with others. That’s bad energy and isn’t kind. If you are truly unable to afford the course please email me directly and I’m happy to discuss a scholarship!

    Disclaimer: While I am a licensed social worker in the State of Washington, we are not creating a client/therapist relationship with the purchase of this course. The course, and any services associated with the course, including but not exclusive to, open office hours, social media posts, the workbook and any other form of communication are for educational purposes only.

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