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Are you a school or district looking for ways to make Multi-Tiered System of Supports sustainable by achieving more staff buy-in? Are you interested in becoming a trauma-informed organization and/or work with vulnerable populations with varying social and emotional skill sets? Do you need a professional, external voice to share new, important information and ideas? Do you need some vitality and inspiration infused into your group? Is your organization experiencing change and needs support during the transition? Does your organizational climate need a shift in a positive direction? Do your employees often miss work for family and/or mental health related issues? When individuals do well, so do the teams and organizations they work for! Offer one or more of the workshops below as an employee benefit and show your employees you care about them and their personal and career development.

Topics include, but are not limited to, mental health strategies, stress management, trauma-sensitive practices in education and the workplace, positive parenting strategies, living in ways that connect to personal and professional values, engaging children/students with challenging behavior, Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) and relating topics, how to do heart-centered work in a sustainable, healthy way, and many more. Contact me directly to collaborate on topics relevant to your organization!


“Beyond important and valuable.” - Power of One volunteers, Shoreline, Meeting Kids Where They Are: Working with a diverse student population participants

“This training provided a helpful overview of important concepts with an introduction to skill-based practices to improve communication and self-care.” - Attorney, Washington Defenders Association, Cultivating Healthy Relationships & Wellness in the Law participant

"We asked Cher to tailor her presentation to different groups of classified employees so that each group could have a context to their understanding of trauma-informed practices as it relates to their work. Paraeducators and our transportation professionals were both impressed by Cher's ability to make the training real and usable for them. They walked away not only with a greater understanding of trauma-informed practices and their role as stewards of student trauma but also with skills that they can use in their respective jobs.” - Ken Collins, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Lake Stevens School District, Becoming Trauma Informed Participant

“I never really thought about student behavior from this perspective before. As I think about how I work with students with behavior issues, this information will be very helpful.” - Paraeducator, Lake Stevens School District, Becoming Trauma Informed Participant

“We have learned about Social-Emotional practices before but Cher explained it in much greater detail.” - Paraeducator, Lake Stevens School District, Becoming Trauma Informed Participant

“Wow, I get so wrapped up in driving my bus that I don't think about the home life that kids experience- Cher's presentation will help change that.” - Bus Driver, Lake Stevens School District, Becoming Trauma Informed Participant

“Thank you so much for providing such a relevant and informative training for the Power of One back-to-school orientation! I've heard from many of the volunteers regarding the training - all of it positive!  Here are just a few of the comments I've received: This was a very helpful and professional presentation; The training presentation was excellent - practical and theoretical; Cher Anderton gave so much good counsel; I learned new information - loved the fidget "tools" and of course, the broad and deep level of information; Cher is a terrific speaker, knowledgeable and engaging. I couldn't agree more with all of these comments!” ~ Terry Monette, Power of One Program Coordinator

"The training that Cher Anderton delivered for our Natural Leaders was outstanding. Everything she did embodied mindfulness and compassion, from her thoughtful planning to her approachable delivery. During the training there was a delightful balance of Cher’s knowledge and space for the moms to share their own experiences. The activities were thought-provoking, engaging and of course fun. By the end everyone left feeling empowered as parents and ready to manage the stress that comes with it." ~ Washington Alliance for Better Schools

“I LOVE this workshop. Great tips, Great balance of movement, group work, and new learning. Fantastic way to start the day. Thank you for sharing your story and your knowledge.” ~ Managing Stress Participant

“This was the most practical self-care/stress management class I've taken! Really loved that you had us apply the concepts to a real scenario in our own lives. The concepts were not new to me, but are really challenging to actually apply. This was helpful to practice the actual application in a structured way.” ~ Managing Stress Participant

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Cher - I have been struggling as a first year teacher to find a way to manage and work through the strong emotions, the feeling of disillusionment, and the work load of my first year, and I feel that hearing the strategies and support from Cher during the workshop was very helpful. I felt I walked away with some tools and strategies in my pocket that I can try to use to help better my mental health and work life. Thank you so much for providing this workshop!” ~ Managing Stress Participant

“I would recommend this workshop to others. I thought it was research-based and new information and learning for most of the participants. Very original and well-thought out. I'm practicing setting boundaries and managing my expectations today and feeling better at work!” ~ Managing Stress Participant

“Your presentation is the most interesting and helpful I've heard in many years. Thank you. I hope you will consider doing more in the future.” ~ Managing Stress Participant

“Cher is a great presenter. She is organized, gives clear directions and information and helps everyone get comfortable quickly.” ~ Managing Stress Participant

"My husband and I have had great conversations because of this class. A million thank you's, we are so thankful for you teaching this class and helping our family." ~ Positive Parenting Participant

"I would recommend this workshop to other parents. It has helped me to keep these tools at the front of my mind. It helped me see my kids as people deserving respect and needing to build skills." ~ Positive Parenting Participant

"The class is worth it and you'll always learn something useful." ~ Positive Parenting Participant

"100% take this class." ~ Positive Parenting Participant

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